28-Lecture Course: Programming Methodology

28-Lecture Course: Programming Methodology

28-Lecture Course: Programming Methodology

This course is an introduction using Java programming to engineer computer applications through modern software engineering principles: object-oriented design, decomposition, encapsulation, abstraction, and testing.

The course is taught by Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University, Mehran Sahami.

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3 thoughts on “28-Lecture Course: Programming Methodology

  1. Colin

    Mehran Sahami is a truly great instructor ! Thank you so much for allowing us to share, here in the Philippines it’s not easy to find informed people. The video’s I’ve downloaded were for my 16 year old son,doing ECE, but we view them together ( I’m 69 ) : they are so interesting. Thank you, thank you !

  2. Pujan

    Mehran Sahami is truely a great teacher.Those students are really blessed to hav him.,.,The way he gives a clear picture of every topic is totally amazing.,.,It was a total help.,.,Thank You.

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