Introduction to Quantum Physics

Introduction to Quantum Physics

Introduction to Quantum Physics

Philosophical and interpretational aspects of quantum mechanics are still open in the sense that, all questions haven’t been answered. In spite of over a hundred years of effort, there are unresolved questions. Some of them may turn out in the future to be non-questions, you may turn out to be asking the wrong questions. But at the operational level, it’s actually easier than classical physics. Quantum mechanics applies to everything. It applies to human beings, galaxies, the universe presumably, electrons, photons and so on. People usually think that quantum physics only applies in the microscopic domain. It’s just that the manifestations of quantum mechanics become very dramatic when you look at extremely small objects. They become even more dramatic when you look at extremely small objects moving very fast.
In this 31-part lecture professors V.Balakrishnan teaches you everything you’ll need to know to get started with quantum physics.

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2 thoughts on “Introduction to Quantum Physics

  1. Bernhard Overhues

    I fully accept what you have presented from the philosophic point of view and I hope that it shall be a great challange for all of you to go on thinking and investigating what “comes next with Physics” (Lee Smolin). One subject might be : forget the idea of particles and proceed with Space-Time-Configuration!

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