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University of Michigan Online College Open Course Ware ClassesUniversity of Michigan offers free lectures on a huge number of subjects. The Free University of Michigan Open Courses consist of complete, free online college courses, free online college classes, free audio lectures and other forms of free open courses.

Focus: Literature, Science, Arts, Engineering, Business

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

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University of Michigan is one of the top universities of the world, a diverse public institution of higher learning, fostering excellence in research.



CHE 466 – Process Dynamics and Controls, Fall 2008

Literature, Science, and Arts

PHYSICS 140 – General Physics 1, Fall 2007

Public Policy

PubPol 580 – Values, Ethics, and Public Policy, Fall 2009
PubPol 688/SI 519 – Intellectual Property and Information Law, Fall 2008


Breast Cancer Detective
M1 – Cardiovascular / Respiratory, Fall 2007
M1 – Cardiovascular / Respiratory, Fall 2008
M1 – Cells and Tissues, Winter 2009
M1 – Central Nervous System / Head & Neck, Winter 2009
M1 – Gastrointestinal / Liver, Winter 2009
M1 – Human Growth and Development, Winter 2009
M1 – Immunology, Winter 2008
M1 – Immunology, Winter 2009
M1 – Musculoskeletal, Fall 2007
M1 – Patients and Populations: Medical Decision-Making, Fall 2008
M1 – Patients and Populations: Medical Genetics, Fall 2008
M1 – Renal, Fall 2007
M1 – Renal, Fall 2008
M2 – Cardiovascular, Fall 2008
M2 – Endocrine, Winter 2008
M2 – Endocrine, Winter 2009
M2 – Muscoloskeletal, Fall 2008
M2 – Neurosciences, Fall 2008
M2 – Reproduction, Fall 2009
M2 – Respiratory, Fall 2008
Medical Histology and Virtual Microscopy
The Components of the Social History
The Eyes Have It


CRSE materials – Dental Materials
DENT 718 – Advanced Topics in Removable Prosthodontics, Winter 2008
Health Case StudiesPatient Communication – Patient Communication Skills, 2009


EDUC 403 – Individualized Reading Instruction in the Elementary Grades, Winter 2008


High Performance Computing, an open textbook
SI 110 – Introduction to Information Studies, Winter 2009
SI 502 – Networked Computing: Storage, Communication, and Processing, Winter 2009
SI 508 – Networks: Theory and Application, Fall 2008
SI 529 – eCommunities: Analysis and Design of Online Interaction Environments, Winter 2009
SI 532 – Digital Government 1: Information Technology and Democratic Politics, Winter 2007
SI 532/SI 732 – Digital Government 1: Information Technology and Democratic Politics, Winter 2009
SI 533 – Digital Government 2: Information Technology and Democratic Administration, Winter 2007
SI 533 – Digital Government 2: Information Technology and Democratic Administration, Winter 2009
SI 563 – Game Theory, Fall 2008
SI 575 – Community Information Corps Seminar, Fall 2008
SI 580 – Understanding Records and Archives: Principles and Practices, Winter 2009
SI 583 – Recommender Systems, Winter 2009
SI 615 – Digital Libraries, Winter 2008
SI 623 – Outcome-Based Evaluation of Programs and Services, Winter 2009
SI 626 – Management of Libraries and Information Services, Winter 2009
SI 633 – A Cultural and Material History of the Book from Pre-Gutenberg to Post-Google, Winter 2009
SI 640 – Digital Libraries and Archives, Winter 2009
SI 643 – Professional Practice in Libraries and Information Centers, Winter 2009
SI 646 – Information Economics, Winter 2007
SI 646 – Information Economics, Winter 2009
SI 680 – Contracting and Signaling, Winter 2008


N 536 – Utilization of Nursing Research in Advanced Practice, Summer 2008

Public Health

HMP 607 – Corporate Finance for Health Care Administrators, Fall 2008
Measuring Health Disparities

Architecture & Urban Planning

ARCH 324 – Structures 2, Winter 2009

One thought on “University of Michigan Open Courses

  1. Darrell Richards

    If I take and complete free on-line courses offered by UofM, will I then be recognized as a UofM Alumni? Not only reason but would be nice to know. I am 66yrs old, Born and raised in Michigan, Served in the US Navy Seabees in DaNang Vietnam and McMurdo Station, Antarctica. I have been looking strongly at the degree programs being offered using life experience as part of the qualifying criteria.
    Have a great weekend, God’s blessings to you and your family. ALso to all of the UofM staff, volunteers, and students. Go Blue. Been a fan since I was 8 years old. So that’s been awhile. Did work security at football games for a couple of years. Really lovedit.
    Please let me know and/or recommend any optional courses. Retire so income not too great but can manage ok.

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