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UC Berkeley Online College Open Course Ware ClassesUniversity of California, Berkeley offers free lectures on a huge number of subjects. The Free Berkeley Open Courses consist of complete, free online college courses, free online college classes, free audio lectures and other forms of free open courses.

Focus: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Political Science, Molecular and Cell Biology, Environmental Science, Policy and Management, Economics

Location: Berkeley, California

Offers: Audio, Video


UC Berkeley is a public research facility with 130 academic departments and more than 80 interdisciplinary research units.



Anthropology 112, 001
Anthropology 114, 001


Practice of Art 8, 001


Astronomy 7B, 001


Biology 1A, 001
Biology 1AL, 001
Biology 1B, 001
Molecular and Cell Biology 31, 001
Plant and Microbial Biology 160, 001


Chemistry 1A, 002

Computer Science

Computer Science 162, 001
Computer Science 61A, 001
Computer Science 61C, 001


Demography 145AC, 001, History C139B, 001


Economics 100A, 001
Economics 100B, 001
Economics C3, 001, Environmental Economics and Policy C1, 001

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering 119, 001
Electrical Engineering 141, 001
Electrical Engineering 240, 001
Electrical Engineering 40, 001

Environmental Policy

Environ Sci, Policy, and Management 114, 001


Geography 10, 001
Geography 130, 001


History 151C, 001


Japanese 159, 001
Japanese 7B, 001

Legal Studies

Legal Studies 160, 001

Science and Mathematics

Letters and Science 140D, 001
Letters and Science C70V, 001, Physics C10, 001
Mathematics 1B, 002
Physics 8A, 001
Physics 8A, 002
Physics 8B, 002
Statistics 134, 002
Statistics 21, 001


Philosophy 132, 001
Philosophy 3, 001

Political Science

Political Science 179, 001


Psychology 101, 001
Psychology 140, 001
Psychology 164, 001

Public Health

Public Health 112, 001
Public Health 145, 001
Public Health 241, 001
Public Health 253B, 001
Public Health 253E, 001
Public Health C155, 001, Sociology C115, 001
Public Health C242C, 001, Statistics C247C, 001


Sociology 150A, 001

One thought on “University of California, Berkeley Open Courses

  1. Janet Crowther

    I am currently listenting to Geography 130 with Nathan Sayre and want to comment that it is a very thought-provoking course that I am thoroughly enjoying. Dr. Sayre has a talent for asking questions and engaging the class. He is never satisfied with pat answers. Thanks for offering this course as a podcast available to the general public (I’m a senior citizen and am most appreciative of open courseware)

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