Darwin and Design

Darwin and Design

Darwin and Design

We all have views on evolution. We’ve all taken high school biology. You’ve all been exposed to several concepts. But fundamentally evolution is a subject. Darwin was a key figure in the development of the theory of evolution in the 19th century but evolution is more than just Darwin. It’s been around for centuries and evolution connects to many fields in science. Darwin was the mastermind behind the concept of natural selection but evolutionary thought can be traced all the way back to Aristotle and many other figures from the past. In this course wi’ll trace some of these ideas with a notion of trying to see how the basis of evolution was established through various speculators in the history of ideas.

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One thought on “Darwin and Design

  1. Diane Hartman

    I’ve only watched the first class — it was stunning. This is MIT? A class of mostly silent, inarticulate, stumbling students who are afraid to voice their thoughts — assuming they have thoughts. The teacher seems excellent, good-natured and trying his best to bring out his students, and he’s met by….nothing. So sad.

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